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Town : AMORA


An o : 2001

gives all new lifespan for an old challenge-- gold customary.

The Sports and Recreation Club of Fogueteiro elevator shoes was founded on January 28, 1984 by a group of people who started before that date to meet to organize sporting and cultural events.

This small club which currently has about 450 paying members has had as presidents over the course of the 17 years of existence 5 people in which a few other less time have done everything in their power to aggrandizement and for the same to remain in activity to this day.

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Children's Classes: They continued to develop a taste for practicing the sport, training twice a week and with the weekend to demonstrate to their parents everything they learn during the days.

Participated in the games held by CM Seixal, called   "Seixaliadas", where their participation was only for the sporting purpose and not competitive height increasing shoes.

This echelon operates throughout the year within the premises of the Collective and covers a number of athletes that can vary between 20 and 25.

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Starter Rank: This tier works in the same way as the Children, since most of the Athletes of this tier come from the Children's Section and all their activity is restricted to the same of the Children. 


Youth Rank: Like all others, this Rank operates in the same way, with no official competition and only in competitions held by other communities within the municipality of Seixal, this ranks with a maximum of 18 athletes.

This Escalão participated for the first time in the federative level in the Portuguese Football Federation in Futsal Mode, having not reached prominent posts in their echelons, but where they took a great deal of experience that served him for the following years.




Juniors: This year was the top of the ranks that this group could support and their training continued to be their occupation of free time and participation only in events held by other collectivities. CM Do Seixal and Parish Council of Amora


Seniors Rank: This tier was created to continue   the junior level and to avoid that athletes when they reach the previous level they lose the practice of any sport and because of this fact was this step created and where their participation in nothing changed in relation to the other levels, not participating at the Federative level for its cost.

This Echelon participated for the first time in the federative level in the Portuguese Football Federation in futsal mode, having reached 3rd place in the ranking, where they drew a great amount of experience that served him for the following years.



Veterans' ranks: this tier was created to provide ballroom practice to members over 35 years of age and where most were coaches of various levels and also participating in all events where they were invited and thus maintaining the less young athletes engaged in the practice of this sport King in our club.




This section was not divided among various levels but rather a group of 25 Colin Bags of both sexes, where a group practicing a form of trampolines and other maintenance club, as happens in the Football section works within the same mold   devoting if the Club does not have the financial means to participate in official competitions.




This Section is dedicated to older members or those who do not practice any modality here or in any other Club.

From which stand out the games of tables as the ones of letters, Domino or shaper.

This year, several card games, dominoes and flares were held for the first time.






This Section has been set up to offer more sport options for young people in our locality, as it is a very new section both in existence and in the ages of, so they do not yet participate in official tests, but maintaining a permanent activity in the sport and the preparation for a cleaner future.




Another modality created to keep busy all other young people who practice nothing of sport and a modality where there is a great adhesion mainly by the female sex and some of the masculine sex, will be of the sections with more adherence since the others Best Replica Handbags maintain the same level of adherence from year to year.

To point out that this Hooli Bags keeps busy throughout the year more than 150 Athletes of various ages or sex and this club exists so that young people can maintain a healthy sporting activity so that they can not go by other Replica Bags paths much darker than these of sport.